Tuesday Tidbits: Winter Interlude

A note on P1 Black Smoothness Drill, a glance at some seldom seen cards from Awakening, and new Worlds invitees – find out more below!

1. P1 Black Smoothness Drill

A promo version of the recently unrestricted Black Smoothness Drill is now available! You can find this card exclusively at Target, with one copy included in each DBZ TCG blister pack.


Each blister pack includes three boosters (Awakening, Perfection, Heroes & Villains)!

2. Nooks and Crannies 

These six Styled cards from Awakening have yet to make a mark on the scene, but perhaps contain some untapped potential:

  • Black Protective Drill: Black’s closest facsimile to Blue Mental Drill requires revealing your own hand (similar to Baba – Surprise Visitor), but no other Style makes better use of perfect information.
  • Saiyan Turning Kick: A free reward when taken as damage and seven unpreventable Life Cards from the hand – this card speaks to Goku, but its raw value has applications with several other Saiyan MPs.
  • Namekian Discharge: It takes just 2 DBs to make this card “worthwhile,” and at 3+ it becomes “insane tech” – though its lack of play says more about the early paucity of Radiant decks.
  • Red Pound: Non-Vegeta MPPV decks often shy away from this card’s crit requirement, but a flat 8 stages is no joke (and can often serve as a pseudo-Black Energy Web!)
  • Orange Aid: A less aggressive meta may permit this card to shine, as its best use (aside from obvious Unleashed fuel) is against builds with more dead draws.
  • Blue Arrest: 3 Endurance makes any card worth consideration, and this rounds itself out with direct life card damage, general recursion (or combo food), and a useful HIT effect.

3. ARG Orlando Invitations

The Top 8 decks from last weekend’s ARG event:

  • Blue Resolute Goku
  • Blue Resolute Goku
  • Namekian Radiant Gohan
  • Namekian Restored Gohan
  • Namekian Restored Gohan
  • Orange Retribution Android 13
  • Orange Retribution Trunks
  • Saiyan Dynamic Broly

This tournament had two Worlds invites on the line, with Kurt Spiess and Elmer Walter both joining the 2017 Worlds Qualified Player list through the power of Restored Gohan! These early results may indicate that the post-CRD metagame is skewing away from Goku, while we’ve also seen Orange Retribution builds branch out beyond solely Roshi.


Much like the series itself, it took a while for Gohan to rise to the top!