Tuesday Tidbits: 2016 in Review

See last year’s biggest winners below!

1. Style of the Year:


Previously the least represented Style in the game, Saiyan rose to new heights in 2016 – including multiple Regional wins and a T8 appearance at Worlds. The largest event in the history of the DBZ TCG took place at Gen Con 2016, and it was also won by Saiyan!

Runner Up: Red

2. MP of the Year: 


Gohan demonstrated his versatility with Regional wins across multiple Styles in both the early and late stages of the 2016 OP season, and that momentum continued with the release of his powerful stack from Awakening. Following a third place finish at Worlds, Gohan has continued on to become one of the defining forces in the current environment.

Runner Up: Broly

3. Card of the Year:


Interesting fact: Devastating Blow was also the card of 2014 and 2015. Card of the Forever.

Runner Up: Unleashed

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