DBZ TCG Announcement

For the last two years, Panini Games was privileged to bring you the Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game.

As many of you know, Bandai (the master license holder for Dragon Ball universe properties) is releasing a trading card game based on Dragon Ball Super in 2017. So as to not over-saturate the market with similar products, Panini America will not be continuing with the Dragon Ball Z license. From the sparse known details, Bandai’s new game and our DBZ TCG are vastly different.

We will continue to provide sales and support throughout the transition, such as ongoing management of rulings and maintenance of tournament documents – including a final update to the CRD and Frozen List. The goal of any remaining updates will be to lay the groundwork for an eternally balanced “final environment.”

We want to thank all of our fans for their support of the game. The fanatical enthusiasm for the DBZ TCG carried the game through seven releases and helped the DBZ TCG to earn several accolades – including two of the highest attended events at Gen Con 2015 and 2016. We were also able navigate two seasons of Organized Play – including local tournaments with countless promos and other prizes, over thirty Regionals and premier-level events, and two highly competitive World Championships.

While this chapter of the DBZ TCG is coming to an end, Panini Games has numerous new products scheduled for 2017. Look for continued Afterworld content and support, along with a new trading card game based on DC’s portfolio of comics, movies, and video games – as well as several other exciting tabletop board and card game offerings.

We were very fortunate to produce the DBZ TCG for such dedicated fans. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support – and look for much more from Panini Games in the future!

25 thoughts on “DBZ TCG Announcement

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  3. what are your other projects may we ask? Bandai already tried and failed at there DBZ game so unless this is a english version of what they have been doing in JPn (the Carddas syatem?) then im betting that one wont go over either 😦


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  5. Well I know a game I won’t be buying in the end I’m voting with my money and I’m refusing to buy it. Thanks for bringing the game back while you could still no tapion that sux


  6. very sad to hear indeed. i think you guys did a wonderful job and i have a hard time believing that bandai will come close to producing a great game like this. look forward to your next product and will be keeping an eye out.


  7. Seriously hoping Panini has a set 8 ready on the sidelines. The Bandai game will not be nearly as successful. Big mistake on Panini just for announcing this.


  8. I feel that this is a mistake. This game has had great success. I wish you guys would reconside this coarse of action, especially if the games are going to be so different. You have a great fan base and they will continue to follow you no matter what Bandai does.


  9. Well, frankly, this sucks. Whether Bandai is legally forcing you out or you don’t feel you can go on, I wish you guys could figure out a way to continue (that is, Panini / Bandai). I’m not the greatest in this game, by far (at least not yet), but I’ve spent so much time considering decks and things with this game it’s really become a part of me.

    Maybe Bandai sees the success of this game and thinks they can tap in with their own thing, but those who played the old game knows how Bandai’s last attempt went. I know I won’t be playing their game based on that, but especially, with what their actions mean for this game I’ve come to love.

    I will be sending an email to Bandai telling them this exact thing. If anyone reading this comment likes Panini’s game, I urge you do the same. Let’s send them a message and perhaps we can save our game.


  10. I am sorry to say but we do not want another game we want this game. We as fans are going to try everything in our power to make sure that this game stays with panini and continues. If there is anything that we as fans can do to help let us know somehow. In the meantime I am grateful for what you have done bringing back an classic card game that help to Define my child.


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  12. This is depressing as hell. I hope the Bandai game fails so we can get back to this amazing game. I’m probably one of the few Canadian players, and I still think this is a poor decision. What bandai should do, if they were smart, is just continue on with the game, and gain all of the existing players. In the end, this just feels like a big f you from big companies out to make money.


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  14. This is sad indeed, though I did sort of see this coming. For those of you who play online with friends using octgn or lackeyccg, I was tired of waiting for Majin Vegeta because he is my fave and made a fan made custom (100% free no charge because I have no rights to them) babidi/buu saga set with 390 cards. You can see them at deviantart with this link (http://royaken.deviantart.com/gallery/61277650/Custom-DBZ-cards). Let’s help this continue on in the fandom!


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  16. NOOOOOOOOO!!!! 😥

    The best card game in the world is now dead.

    I hope one day, a card company picks this game back up.

    I can’t believe Bandai…. 😡

    …No more card games for me…


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