Four for Friday: Tournament Kit Rotation and UR Power Rankings!

News about local OP, new Tournament Kit promos, and more – check below!

1. Continued OP Support and Tournament Kit Rotation 

While supplies last, we will continue to ship Tournament Kits to stores for local promos.

Regular kits will now include P13 Quick Blast (Participation Promo, 20x) and P6 Black Overload (Top Performer Promo, 2x).

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Note: If you ordered a promo refill during the holiday break, you’re already set to receive this newly rotated kit. To apply for tournament kits as a new store, please contact

2. Community Build: Orange Retribution Frieza

A crowd-sourced deck creation process from the Retro DBZ Facebook page led to this Orange Retribution Frieza skeleton:

Orange Burning Aura Drill x1
Orange Steady Drill x1
Orange Crying Drill x1
Orange Aura Drill x1
Orange Possession Drill x1
Orange Checkup Drill x2
Orange Captivity Drill x2

Frieza’s Supernova x3
Orange Stare Down x3
Orange Power Point x3
Orange Eruption x3
Orange Rage x3
Orange Fierce Attack x3
Orange Left Burst x3
Villainous Energy Beam x2
Blinding Energy Move x2

Frieza’s Captive Strike x2
Devastating Blow x2

Stare Down x3
Overwhelming Power x2
Villainous Energy Sphere x2
Tug of War x1

Time is a Warrior’s Tool x1
Orange Dismissal x3
Orange Energy Catch x3
Orange Refocus x3
Orange Cover Up x3

//Dragon Ball
Earth Dragon Ball 7 x1

Orange Retribution Frieza has several innate synergies, and this muddled (yet hardy) build provides a strong starting point. Additional suggestions from the community included:

  • adding a Sword package (with Aggressive Swordplay Drill making Supernova unpreventable and Orange Sword Chop searching out Overwhelming Power)
  • making room for two copies of Visiting the Past
  • swapping in Orange Energy Absorption and Orange Defense
  • emphasizing more anger cards in the form of Orange Encouragement and Orange Charged Kick (with answers to Wall Breaker like Orange Investigation Drill)

3. Ultra Rare Power Rankings: Beginning of 2017 Edition (determined via usage rate, overall potential, and augury)

  • (18) True Power – currently only has a home as “1 of” in niche builds
  • (17) Villainous Empowerment – remains underrated, great with parenthetical drills!
  • (16) The Ultimate Sacrifice – will find a home in a less aggressive metagame
  • (15) Power Mimic – not fully explored yet (powerhouse applications in Orange/Red)
  • (14) Villainous Visage – suffers from the rise in MPPV
(13) Heroic Assistance – another Heroes & Villains UR with high upside
(12) Defiant Challenge – waxes and wanes, currently waning
(11) Surprise Attack – quiet since an early Regional win, flourishes in certain matches
(10) Hidden Power Drill – dormant, but always potent and strong in Ally metas
  • (9) Flurry of Blows – works in numerous decks, usually difficult to find space
  • (8) Allied Blitz – limited combo use and pure Ally builds will continue to evolve
  • (7) Heroic Plan – slightly less targets in a faster format, still a utility gem
(6) Assisted Kamehameha – key crit tool and end-game reach for Saiyan MPs
  • (5) Villainous Energy Sphere – arguably the more powerful effect
  • (4) Heroic Energy Sphere – but hero MPs are more represented
(3) I’ll Dig Your Grave – don’t ever forget about this sleeping giant
  • (2) Heroic Dashing Punch – does nearly everything
  • (1) Unleashed – the only UR that received a CRD update, ’nuff said

4. Paradox CNC SPARKING! Showdown! 

and Michigan 1K

Those of you in the North Dakota area will want to check out a new tournament series hosted by Paradox Comics-N-Cards (previous Regional host) – beginning January 21st in Fargo, ND! Click here for more details.

Also, don’t forget Eternal Games in Warren, MI (another previous Regional host) is holding a $1000 event on Saturday, January 21st! Registration begins at 1 PM, and the entry fee is $25.

Continue checking the blog for more updates and content throughout the coming weeks! 

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