Weekend Tidbits!

See below for info about the upcoming Frozen List and CRD, a note on OP payments, and more!

1. Event Reminders 

If you’re in the area, be sure to check out these upcoming tournaments (organized by former Regional hosts):

2. Organized Play Cash Prizes 

The final OP checks are in the process of being cut and signed; if you’re receiving a prize from Regionals or Worlds it should be arriving soon (TM). If you have any questions, please contact op@paniniamerica.net.


 3. Underrated Card Files: Episode #379 

Released all the way back in Heroes & Villains, C53 Saiyan Drive By saw modest tournament usage throughout the game’s lifespan. The Saiyan Style saw most of its success in the form of aggressive physical beatdown, which limited the representation of this more control-oriented Event. Still, it offers automatic deck destruction, targeted recursion, and the ability to stack Endurance or set up attack combos – all without being banished after use!

4. Frozen List/CRD Updates

The final CRD and Frozen List updates will address any lingering rulings, while also attempting to enable the best possible environment for those of you that wish to continue future DBZ TCG gameplay. Numerous “quality of life” tweaks and other balance changes are currently under consideration, including (but not limited to):

  • How “draws” are handled in Swiss
  • Troublesome interactions with “where cards end up” (Orange Nudge, Blue Lifting Drill, Crushing Beam, etc)
  • Clarifying Gohan – Unlocked against certain “anti-Freestyle” effects
  • Unfreezing some of the Mastery cards from the Premiere Set

As always, we’re interested in your feedback – feel free to sound off in the comments section below with your opinion about the final round of Tournament Document updates!


8 thoughts on “Weekend Tidbits!

  1. The effort is appreciated, it really is, but you know it’s all for naught. Once your hands are off the game and you won’t be producing more cards, the community will take over these matters.

    Just so you know, we all hope with the greatest sincerity our hearts can muster, that Panini reverses its decision and carries on with this game. I’ve mildly disagreed with some OCR updates, a few cards, a few masterys, etc., but overall Panini has done a great job with this game and I have enjoyed my time much more than with the original score version.

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  3. Please do not listen to the complainers about Gohan and Styled cards. If your attacks are considered styled, then you can play them.

    Furthermore, do not nerf Goku. He is fine. If anything, make it “Your Styled attacks deal +1 life card.” “Your Styled attacks deal +1 life card and your opponent’s attacks deal – 1 life card” etc.

    Personally I think Roshi is okay, but maybe make his level 2 constant power “After your Life Deck is shuffled during combat, you may raise your anger 1 level.” and his level 3, “…Whenever you Rejuvenate during combat, you may destroy…”

    Please unfreeze the Premiere Masteries. Here is my suggestions for adjustments, if needed:

    Black Devious Mastery
    “You Styled attacks deal +1 stage and +1 life card of damage”

    Blue Protective Mastery
    “You may discard a Physical Combat attack card to stop… or an Energy Combat attack card to stop a….”

    Namekian Knowledge Mastery
    “Whenever you Rejuvenate or shuffle Dragon Ball or Styled cards into your Life Deck during combat…”

    Red Enraged Mastery
    “Whenever you use a critical damage effect while entering or during combat, raise your anger 1 level.”

    Saiyan Empowered Mastery
    “Whenever you Rejuvenate a Styled card during combat…”


  4. I’ll toss my opinion into the mix.

    Black Devious, Red Enraged, and Namekian Knowledge are all absolutely busted with the current card pool. These three at the very least should remain forever frozen. If any of these became unfrozen I would abandon my current plan to follow FanZ.

    Orange Adaptive is debatable. While I personally don’t want it unfrozen, if it were to be unfrozen, I’d basically say, “meh” and move on. This one isn’t super broken like the three I mentioned imo.

    Blue Protective and Saiyan Empowered seem fine to me.

    I would also like to see Unleashed either frozen or restricted to one per deck, and this is coming from someone who invested in a full playset.


  5. Devious, Enraged, Empowered, and Protective seem MUCH too powerful to come back in their current states; Bringing them back without nerfs would undo the diversity the current metagame has.


  6. I’m fine with some erratas, if they’re needed. And really, given some of the cards and MPs in set 7, they’re going to be to make some of the masteries balanced.

    I have a suggestion on the frozen list that could be useful / interesting. I noticed you guys also had / have a list of bonus MPs for regionals. I was thinking perhaps we say MPs on the bonus list now get to use frozen cards. Although the bonus list previously had goku on it, and I imagine that’s changed, and if you’re going to unfreeze some masteries anyway it might not matter, but throwing it out there anyway.

    Also, regarding Unleashed, I’d be in favor of it being:
    -you either get to raise / lower yourself OR lower your opponent.
    -keep the card as it is, but you have to destroy attached cards to raise / lower yourself as well.
    or maybe even
    -keep the card how it is, but add a steep “your opponent may do (blank) to stop this effect” caveat.

    And again, I’ll say I’m disappointed you’re stopping the game. Hope you change your mind. In my mind can’t believe you wouldn’t still crush Bandai’s thing in sales.


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