CRD and Tournament Guide Updates!

Check below for the last major updates to the Tournament Guide and CRD!

Note: V5.0 of the CRD and v2.2 of the Tournament Guide both go into effect on January 30th, 2017.

The CRD has been updated to V5.0, and you can download it here. Changes are noted in red, and this update revolves around cards moving into non-visible zones. This purpose of this change was to make the function of cards like Orange Nudge, Blue Lifting Drill, and Power Mimic become more intuitive.

The Tournament Guide has also been updated (download here), removing four Mastery cards from the Frozen List. Blue Protective Mastery, Namekian Knowledge Mastery, Orange Adaptive Mastery, and Saiyan Empowered Mastery are once again eligible for Organized Play events.

As we continue to provide local Organized Play support (while supplies last), further monitoring of the metagame will take place. Some of the potential changes that will be under review during this period:

  • Draws in Swiss having a value of 0 points, or allowing “intentional draws” (either way, look for future Panini games to utilize a similar system/Tournament Guide!)
  • U61 Master Roshi – Expectant and U62 Master Roshi – Overwhelmed requiring a “keyword shuffle” to trigger instead of any mechanical shuffle
  • S3/DR3 Goku – Courageous receiving a conditional clause
  • Drill Powers becoming usable only once per turn, regardless of leaving and reentering play
  • The unfreezing of Black Devious and Red Enraged, with special attention given to certain combinations of cards