Friday Reminders!

Find links to fan-run initiatives below, along with other end of week reminders!

  • Last week’s CRD update involving “hidden zones” will receive additional clarification for cards such as Kami – Guardian. Expect a slight update to the CRD sometime soon!
  • Due to various grassroots endeavors, the soul of the tournament scene still burns – be sure to watch for upcoming announcements from both the Fusion and FanZ formats! You can also find competition for the current format through the ongoing ARG Circuit Series, or by attending a local event. Tournament Kits for brick and mortar stores are still available (while supplies last!) by contacting
  • Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about future offerings from Panini Games!

3 thoughts on “Friday Reminders!

  1. I appreciate the updates, but how can Panini ever think that us fans will ever back anything they do after this mess? I don’t know a single player in my group or nearby groups that would ever send Panini another dollar of their money.


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