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  • Tournament Kits are still available – but only while supplies last! Stores can contact op@paniniamerica.net for any assistance.
  • Watch the blog for a slight (and likely final) update to the CRD in the near future. If there are any issues you feel should be reviewed, feel free to post your comments below!
  • Also be on the lookout for the official announcement of the next release from Panini Games.

Here’s the inside scoop…

[REDACTED] will be a new TCG with a concept of combining multiple universes – a crossover card game! Personalities from various forms of media will collide, with the first release featuring Justice League characters from DC Comics! Stay tuned for a full reveal in the future – including the intriguing title, crisp game mechanics, jaw-dropping art, and more!

6 thoughts on “Teaser Tidbits

  1. I love Unleashed, but it needs some type of nerf. I’d hate to see it banned. Perhaps an errata on the lines of only allowing you to advance or lower yourself one level at a time and/or not being able to lower your opponent levels. Unleashed has made cards like Blue Dominance and Orange Devouring Drill unplayable.

    Also, please provide more information on how remaining (unrevealed) printed promos will be distributed.


  2. Please do something along the lines of vs system. I really like the dc vs marvel from old vs system. Would be willing to back such a game.


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  4. For CRD consideration:

    Tighten up timing windows in combat for blocking.
    When is an attack considered stopped for Frieza 1/3’s Constant power?
    How would this apply with the Red blocks that change levels?

    Codify taking damage to facilitate speed and accuracy when flipping cards of the top of your deck.
    Doing so would also help clarify cards with Endurance, cards with special effects when taken as damage (A13 Impenetrable Defence), DBs revealed as damage, and other cards that auto replace in the deck (Hercule’s Dynamite Kick).
    I use a pile method myself, and codifying it as such would remove many of the conceptual problems,
    As I reveal off the top, I place regular damage in the first pile, Cards with Endurance that I use in a second pile (as well as cards that banish for effects or DBs already in play), and cards that go back into the deck in the third pile.
    After taking all of the needed damage (cards – Endurance, plus DB replacement) you can see if Survival Victory is met.
    If it isn’t, place the discarded damage in the Discard pile, Banished cards in the Banished Zone, and finally, the cards that go back into the deck back in the revealed order.
    This removes the need for errata on Dynamite kick, etc.

    As for an issue I have that you probably won’t address, as it is a multi card errata, but I feel you should take into account as you develop new games: the Constant Symbol is overused in DBZ.
    Many when ending Combat effects are lumped into MP Constant effects (Lord Slug, Piccolo 3 Set 1, etc.) or just flat out made to be Constant for no reason (Red Intimidation Drill, EDB6), when they should be Immediate Power, use when ending Combat.
    This would have removed the need for the Lord Slug clarification and allowed for a ‘Double Dribble’ with EDB6, but still not be over powered.
    This would also make Red Intimidation Drill more accessible to Hercule, bless his heart ^_^


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