Friday Tidbits: MetaX?!


Check below for a look at some recently thawed decks, plus more information on the next release from Panini Games!

1) Organized Play

You can find continued tournament support (while supplies last) by contacting, and keep watching the blog for information about the remaining unreleased promo cards.

2) DBZ Deck Ticker

After being unfrozen in the last CRD update, some of these Masteries from the Premiere Set made a renewed impact on the competitive scene:

  • Orange Adaptive #20 – “Mr. Driller”
  • Blue Protective Gohan – “Omniscience”
  • Saiyan Empowered Broly – “Goku Who?”
  • Namekian Knowledge Cell – “Swiss Army Knife”

3) MetaX

As noted last week, the next release from Panini Games will be a true crossover game – and it’s called MetaX! In the first set, you’ll be able to square off with characters like Batman, Superman, and Joker from DC Comics. From there, the possibilities are endless – with universes colliding between personalities from movies, video games, anime, and more!

Stay tuned for additional information building up to the game’s release, including a full info blowout, new website, and other details to come.


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