Friday Tidbits: Hope Springs Eternal

Check below for a small recap from GAMA, DBZ tournament reminders, and some MetaX appetizers!

One of the most notable community-run tournaments of the year takes place this weekend at Xtreme Games in Illinois – North Kai 2017! This event features special rules and conditions, so be sure to check out the event page (here) for additional info. You can also find continued tournament support (with kits provided while supplies last) at your local game store, and don’t forget to check out the ongoing ARG Circuit Series!


Panini America’s presence at GAMA featured a heavy dose of Afterworld – including a new lore video narrated by Chris Sabat! You’ll see more support for Afterworld in the future, and be sure to watch out for its upcoming “How to Play” video tutorial!

GAMA also set the stage for the first official trickle of MetaX info, including news coverage by ICv2. MetaX’s first set (“Justice League”) is currently scheduled for a debut at the San Diego Comic Con, with a wide-release at retail and hobby stores in mid-July 2017.

Stay tuned for more details as we approach the launch of MetaX’s upcoming website, with a full info blowout on the game’s light (yet deep) engine, large art-box templates, new XR (“Cross Rare”) premium cards, and much more!