Friday Tidbits: Status Report

Welcome to the end of the week! Click below for info about upcoming news from Panini Games:

  • Remaining DBZ Promos

We’ve received several questions lately about unreleased DBZ promos, and they haven’t gone unheard! Please check back in the future for more information on previously revealed DBZ TCG promo cards, as we are still finalizing details about their potential distribution/release.

  • Where to play DBZ

Stores can order regular Tournament Kits (while supplies last) for local events by contacting You can also participate in various fan-sponsored events, such as the recent North Kai tournament that pulled down ~40 competitors! More community events are in the pipeline, including the upcoming East, West, and South Kai dates/locations.

A final DBZ CRD is still under consideration, and you can expect it to be posted before official OP support ends. This farewell document will have the explicit goal of creating an ideal “final format” for those that wish to continue to play Panini America’s DBZ TCG format.

  • Panini Games


With the official reveal of MetaX drawing near, an explosion of content is on the horizon! The launch of the new Panini Games blog will also see the PaniniDBZ Twitter account transition to Panini Games Twitter, along with the launch of MetaX’s new page. Teaser images will begin trickling out in the next few weeks, and you can also look forward to a “how to play” video that explains the basics of MetaX! Also be on the lookout for Afterworld’s upcoming video tutorial, and you can check out the game’s lore video by clicking here.

Finally, the public can catch its first glimpse of MetaX at the upcoming Speed Gaming event on April 12-14th in Dallas, Texas! This event is for store owners/customers of Peachstate Hobby Distribution, and mockup/demo versions of MetaX cards will be on display at the Panini Games booth.


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