Friday Tidbits: MetaX Sneak Peek

Click below for the first glimpse at MetaX!

In the MetaX Trading Card Game, multiple universes will clash and collide as you battle it out for crossover supremacy! The first set, “Justice League,” will feature characters from DC Comics.

Character cards generate Meta Points (“MP”) when played. You’ll spend MP throughout the game for things like playing Events, playing Battle Cards, or performing a Team Attack. Characters also have effects, and each effect includes a symbol to indicate when it takes place. For example, the green triangle seen on Superman means that his effect triggers when he enters play. Finally, Characters have different stats with rank values ranging up to 7. These stats will determine how hard it is to KO a Character card, as well as which Battle Cards a Character is able to use.

Event cards are similar to Events in DBZ, and they can be played on your turn by paying their MP cost.

Battle Cards have a stat type and rank, and they can cost (-) or gain (+) MP. The basic Battle Cards shown here from the Starter Deck have no text, but most Battle Cards include an effect such as “KO target attacking Character” or “If this card is used in a Team Attack, gain 2 MP.”

Battle cards are used as fuel for Characters to attack and defend. To use a Battle Card, a Character must have the appropriate stat type and a value equal to or greater than that Battle Card’s rank. For example, Superman is able to play Rank 7 Strength Battle Cards while Poison Ivy cannot.

Deciding when and where to defend your opponent’s attacks adds a great deal of strategic depth to the game, as undefended attacks allow the attacker to gain a Victory Point (VP)! Collect 7 VPs to win the game…but you’ll find out more about that later.

Note: All artwork and card effects depicted here are not final and subject to change before release.

This is just the first taste! Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more info, including the launch of MetaX’s website, a new Panini Games blog, a full breakdown on how to play, card spoilers leading up to the July release, and more!

DBZ TCG local tournament support is still available, and you can receive Tournament Kits by contacting The DBZ TCG is also scheduled to receive a final CRD before the end of official product support later this year.

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