Friday Tidbits: Blog Restructuring!

Click below for info about future happenings from Panini Games!

The Panini DBZ Twitter account has changed to @PaniniGames, and in the near future the blog will move to a new Panini Games address. You can continue checking the blog for updates about DBZ, Afterworld, and soon – MetaX!

Leading up to the release of MetaX, the Panini Games blog will provide a full breakdown of the game – including articles on strategic concepts, deck spotlights, details about Organized Play, and more! Also, stay tuned for news about the exclusive alternate-art foil promos that will be available at San Diego Comic Con and Gen Con (which will also feature a few events to play in).

Hot on the heels of last post’s sneak peek image scans, you can also expect full previews and spoilers to begin in mid-June. MetaX boosters will contain 24 booster packs in each box, with foils dropping at a rate of 1:3 packs. Cross Rares (“XRs”) will show up once per box, while the two Ultra Rare cards have a distribution rate of 1:2 boxes.

Don’t forget that a final DBZ TCG CRD will be posted before the end of official support – with its continued aim to provide a balanced “last format.” Tournament Kits remain available (until supplies last) through


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