Tuesday Tidbits: MetaX Starter Decks!

Check below for a breakdown of Justice League Starter Decks from the first set of MetaX!

Each Justice League Starter Deck contains a pre-constructed 40 card deck, the MetaX TCG rulebook, a beginner’s play-mat, and three random foil cards. There are four different builds available:

  • Super Friends”: Superman, Supergirl, Krypto, and Green Arrow – Midrange flexibility!
  • “Bat Family”: Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing – Team attacks galore!
  • “Justice Swarm”: Green Lantern, Cyborg, Blue Beetle, Vixen – Card drawing maniacs!

“Evil United”: Harley Quinn, Brainiac, Sinestro, Solomon Grundy – Powerhouse abilities!

Starter Decks come with a total of 12 Character cards (three copies of each Character listed above), while constructed decks will generally feature a larger count and wider array of Characters. The Characters and Events included in these decks feature Starter exclusive alternate art:

The Battle Cards included in Starter Decks are known as “basic Battle Cards” and contain no effects. When drafting, basic Battle Cards will also be used to finish filling out your deck. Down the line, you’ll see card effects that interact with basic Battle Cards.

Starter Decks provide a great introduction to the game, and from there you can further customize your deck by adding cards from Booster Packs.

That’s all for today, but be sure to check back Friday for more information. In the coming weeks, you can expect Demo Decks, the rulebook upload, a full preview season, details about Organized Play, and more!

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