MetaX Rulebook!

The Rulebook for MetaX is available now!

Version 1.0 of the MetaX Rulebook can be downloaded here. The Rulebook introduces the full mechanics behind some final concepts (such as Team Attacking), and there are useful visual examples of different TKO and HP KO scenarios.

You can also download an image of the Starter Mat here.

Each Justice League Starter Deck will include a physical copy of this Rulebook. Aside from the Rulebook, you can also learn about the game by trying out the Demo Deck or reading through this Sample Match.

Now that the full engine is in your hands, previews will begin rolling out in the next week! Aside from various fan sites and content creators, you’ll also be able to find previews on the newly launching Panini Games MetaX Facebook page – watch for promotional announcements and giveaways in the coming weeks.

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