Tuesday Tidbits: Metabolizing MetaX

MetaX is now available wherever games are sold – check below to see what’s next!

Justice League officially hit store shelves last Friday, and MetaX is now fully in effect! If your local game shop doesn’t have it in stock, let them know to check with their distributor. As players learn the new game engine, many have opted to start off with sealed deck or draft formats. The burgeoning constructed metagame is also rounding into shape – be sure to check the linked sites on the blogroll sidebar for some strong early format decklists!

Panini’s tournaments for MetaX at Gen Con will be sealed deck format, with one random Starter Deck and three booster packs to construct your deck. You can sign up for Gen Con here, and watch for upcoming announcements about the rest of this year’s Organized Play schedule.

Last Friday, we announced the details of our launch giveaway contest – make sure to enter by the end of the week!

Now, a look at the Rare Battle Cards with a rank of 7 from Justice League.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

This effect is at its strongest when supplemented by other discard effects, but its reasonable MP cost can become difficult to juggle in certain lineups. Though its effect requires you to attack, the types of Characters that have the ability to play this card are likely to frequently enter the Battle Zone in the first place.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

The 7 Intelligence Rare has not been commonly seen in the early stages of community brewing, as it competes for deck space with the unblockable U99-JL version. However, decks that are able to properly integrate this card gain access to one of the most unique and impactful effects in the game.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
The 7 Strength’s effect requires attacking, and the 7 Intelligence requires defending. Even more restrictive than that, the 7 Special Rare requires your attack to be successful in order to extract max value – and it also packs the highest MP cost at -3. This 7 SP must be played judiciously, but it is effective as both an efficient finisher (in control) and a threatening bullet (for aggro or midrange). It is also of note that this is the most accessible Stat for Rank 7s, making this card easier to splash into a wider variety of decks.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
The flexibility of the Multistat Rank 7 allows for it to shine in multiple decks. In builds that have multiple Rank 7 Characters but no redundant Stats types, this can staple together the lineup. Alternatively, a deck that already likes to throw a high amount of Rank 7 Battle Cards can augment their strategy by adding this card. In a deck that is light on MP, its +3 MP generation can be a worth giving your opponent the free VP – while other decks may try to avoid its downside entirely by combining it with cards like Doomsday or Starfire!

With limitless deck possibilities already on the table, it’s hard to fathom the endlessly expanding options that will be added with each new release! Keep in mind that the Green Lantern expansion will release in Winter 2017, followed by the hit anime Attack on Titan (planned for release in Q1 2018). In these expansions and beyond, the deck construction restriction on Battle Cards will allow for more powerhouse effects. Rank 7 Battle Cards are special, as they generally KO any Character in one hit – though they also require the most investment to play! Due to this, Rank 7 Battle Cards will generally feature bombastic effects. Similar to the current hard decision regarding which Rank 7 Intelligence Battle Card to use, future Rank 7 Battle Cards will only add more meaningful choices to the process.

That’s all for next week, but check back on Friday for the Deck Registration Form for Organized Play (and announcement of the contest winners)!

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