MetaX: Justice League Launch Day and Giveaway Contest!

Today marks the official release of MetaX – check below for your chance to win a box!

The first set of MetaX, “Justice League,” is now available! You can find MetaX at your local gaming or hobby shop, and check for availability at other major retailers in the near future. Also keep in mind that stores are always able to obtain tournament support from Panini (including the Welcome Kit) by contacting

To celebrate release day, we’re giving away boxes of MetaX booster packs on our Facebook page! The contest will run for one week, and winners will be announced here on the blog. To enter, simply reply to the relevant post on and tag a friend that you’d like to play MetaX.

Early impressions are already appearing online, and the cards are stunning to behold in person:


The art on Character cards really pops! Photo credit: Chris K. 


Let the games begin! Photo credit: Adrian V. 


The spoils from a few boxes! Photo credit: Matt Q. 


On sale now! Photo credit: Zak K. 

On behalf of Panini Games, Panini America, and everyone involved in the creation of the game – we sincerely hope you enjoy MetaX, and may your launch weekend be a blast!

Check back next week for more info, including a Deck Registration Form for Organized Play and discussion of the Draft format! And to think, this is just the beginning. . .



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