Tuesday Tidbits: Last Call for Justice League “Welcome Kits!”

MetaX debuts in just three days – check below to make sure your local event is ready!


After an opening salvo at the San Diego Comic-Con, MetaX will officially release on August 4th. The first set, “Justice League,” has a free Welcome Kit available to all stores that are running MetaX events during the launch window. If you or your store owner has not yet confirmed a Welcome Kit, please contact op@paniniamerica.net by the end of the day!


Multiple copies of these  promo cards are included in the Welcome Kit, along with other swag! 


Following this Friday’s launch, Organized Play kicks off a few weeks later at Gen Con. You can sign up for MetaX sealed events here, and the Panini Games booth will also be present on the exhibition floor. A different Gen Con exclusive foil promo card will be available each day:

With the full setlist out in the wild, players have begun to tackle the deck building process for the first time. In MetaX, there are limitless combinations of Characters to pursue – let alone the wide range of effects derived from Events and Battle Cards!

Whether forming a deck around your favorite Character art or building out a concept based on a specific strategy, you can always play whatever you like. Several impressive builds have already begun to emerge, and one can only imagine the clever new brews that will be discovered in the coming weeks.

However, in the early stages of the metagame it may be difficult to zone in on deckbuilding ratios. As a general starting point, try to build your first decks with about 15-17 Characters, 15-17 Battle Cards, and 8-10 Events. While these ratios are far from a hard and fast rule, they offer a solid building block that can be tweaked up or down as needed. The 40 card deck limit of MetaX allows for endless permutations, but each slot you fill in your list will come at the expense of not fitting something else! Choose wisely…

Check back on Friday for more news and coverage, along with a launch day giveaway contest!

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