Tuesday Tidbits: Draft Format!

Check below for a spotlight on Robin – along with rules for a draft format!

1) Organized Play Early Adopters

With OP announcements looming, we’re looking for stores with an early MetaX presence/tournament scene. If your store or playgroup is interested in being involved in the first season of Organized Play for MetaX, please contact op@paniniamerica.net for more details.

Keep in mind that all stores currently running MetaX events are eligible to receive a Welcome Kit. At the beginning of September, local level tournament support will rotate to regular Tournament Kits (with new foil promos).

2) “Season Zero” Suggested Draft Rules

The draft format allows players to construct a deck on the fly by choosing from a limited pool of cards.  The official Draft Format rules and details will be posted at a later date, but you can expect drafting to have a large role in the MetaX TCG. While these guidelines  are subject to change at the start of Season One, we’re currently recommending the following rules for draft:

  • Each player brings three Booster Packs to the table (up to 8 players per drafting table).
  • Players open the first pack, then pick a card to keep. Your chosen cards should not be revealed to other players until the draft is over (and you may only inspect cards you have picked in-between rounds of drafting).
  • After everyone has selected a card, players then pass the remaining cards in the pack to the player on their right. Continue choosing cards in this manner, one at a time, until all cards in the pack have been drafted.
  • Repeat the process with the second and third packs, alternating the passing direction each time. (Continuing the above example, you would pass to your left during the second Booster Pack round, and then go back to passing to your right in the third and final Booster Pack round).
  • Finally, each player constructs a 30 card deck from their pool of chosen cards. Aside from the cards that you drafted, you may also add any basic Battle Cards (denoted by “S” rarity) to complete your deck (normal deckbuilding rules still apply).
  • Games are won by collecting 6 VP.

3) Character Spotlight of the Week: Robin

At the bare minimum, Robin provides passable stats and a slightly below-average +2 MP. As a Rank 5 Character, he is open to interactions with cards like Ra’s Al Ghul and Against the Current. It’s also worth noting that Robin is strong candidate to make use of Transfer of Power.

When used in Aggro decks, Robin allows you to refill your hand after quickly spending it on rushing out Characters/attacks. Meanwhile, Midrange decks can utilize Robin to generate advantages in slower Control matchups. In certain matchups, you may only be able to draw one card with Robin’s effect – but even that outcome provides a reasonable amount of value when considering Robin’s overall upside.

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