Tuesday Tidbits: FAQs and Current Decks!

Check below for minor rules clarifications and a look at some of the currently popular decks in the format!

1) Tournament Kit Rotation and Registration 

As noted last Friday, the Tournament Kits have recently rotated. Stores can register for recurring Tournament Kit support by contacting op@paniniamerica.net and filing the required forms. If your local store is running MetaX events and would like prize support, be sure to spread the word about these free Tournament Kits!

2) New FAQs

“Are the characters that Linked to a Team Attack that turn considered to have “Team Attacked” that turn for the purpose of 5 Strength (R132-JL)?”

Yes. Any Character involved in a Team Attack is considered to have “Team Attacked” and would be KO’d by this effect.

If a character with a Rank of 7 Links to a Team Attack, is that character considered to be ‘in the Battle Zone’ for the purpose of 6 Special (C56-JL)?”

Yes, Characters that Link to a Team Attack would move into the Battle Zone with the Lead Attacker.

“If I target my own Solomon Grundy with Knockout, will I still get to KO another character?”

No. Knockout’s effect requires that you KO a Character you control “to” KO target Character, meaning you must actually KO a Character you control in order to get Knockout’s effect. For a similar scenario with a more beneficial outcome, try using Grundy with Showdown!

As we approach the first season of Organized Play, you can expect a comprehensive clarification document to be published soon. Be sure to submit any FAQs as they arise!

3) One Month, Man! 

Now that MetaX has now been in your hands for exactly one month, how much have your decks changed over the last few weeks? As players become more familiar with the system, we’ve noticed a wide array of unique and powerful decks cropping up – with still countless more builds yet to be discovered! Some early concepts to be aware of:

  • Red Tornado/Power Corrupts
  • Ra’s Al Ghul/Blue Beetle (various flavors)
  • Superman UR/Wonder Woman XR Midrange
  • Bane/Caped Crusader Mill
  • Joker XR/Harley Midrange
  • Vixen Aggro
  • Darkseid Uxas Max 5
  • Doomsday based decks
  • Flash/Batman – Dark Knight Tempo
  • Aquaman/Grundy Evasion
  • Constantine based control
  • Shazam based Midrange
  • Darkseid Hand Control

These are just a few successful shells to consider, but even within these broad archetypes there are limitless variations! Notice that even some of the most powerful Character cards in the game are still absent from this list, such as Wonder Woman – Amazon Princess and Deathstroke – Slade Wilson.

Techy cards like Hawk Girl or Injustice can change the entirely function of a given deck, as can any other seemingly minor change! With the relatively small deck size limit in MetaX, each card slot in your deck is more likely to be drawn and played – so every modification made for personal preference (or flair!) has a noticeable impact in gameplay.