Four for Friday: What’s Next?

As spoiler season comes to an end, see what’s coming up next for MetaX!

1) GL Checklist and Contest

The full Green Lantern checklist will be available next week. Alongside its release, watch for a new giveaway on our Facebook Page – with five boxes of Green Lantern up for grabs!


Green Lantern releases December 22nd

2) Official Tutorial Video

The introductory “how to play MetaX” video (from Panini Games) will be posted before the launch of the next set – show a friend!

3) Organized Play Announcements Pending

As MetaX enters the new year, the first season of Organized Play will begin rolling out beyond a local level. Details are still forthcoming, but you can look forward to a robust circuit of Panini Games events (at varying tiers) throughout the year. Tournament play is an adventurous reward in itself, but also watch for upcoming announcements about promos, prizing, and more!


The upcoming OP season

4) Green Lantern Justice League

After the release of Green Lantern, many decks will primarily focus on the stamped themes throughout the various Lantern colors. However, in the time remaining until the next set’s launch, be sure to revisit any cards from Justice League that might take on a different role in light of Green Lantern’s effects! Aside from entirely new archetypes, the cards in Green Lantern will also provide upgrades to already existing decks – along with enabling some novel (and potent) crossover combinations!

As spoiler season comes to a close, we’d like to thank all of the sites that participated!


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