Tuesday Tidbits: Happy New Year!

See what’s next for MetaX in 2018.

1) Foil Chatter, New and Old

Green Lantern has been in your hands for just under two weeks, and we’ve received tremendous feedback about the set’s beloved foil pattern. In the future, releases centered around DC Comics will feature the same pattern – creating a unified look for the DC universe! Other universes incorporated into MetaX will have their own unique patterns for continuity. This means that next set’s Attack on Titan foils will look entirely new, and any potential releases that revisited the Attack on Titan universe would reuse that pattern as well.


2) Release Schedule Transparency 

With the potential for so many different fanbases to intersect in the world of MetaX, Panini Games is committed to providing a clear schedule of upcoming releases with as much advance notice as possible. We know that existing players and potential fans alike are all excited to know if/when their favorite universe will make its way into the game – along with insight about how often a given theme might be revisited! This will also prove useful for tournament considerations, as competitive players will be able to plan ahead for new releases shaking up the environment.

MetaX’s game engine was created with a deliberate emphasis on crossover capability – but any amount of universes you choose to play/collect will work seamlessly on both a casual and competitive level!


Dedicate your heart to the possibilities ahead! 

 3) Dual Starter Duels

A preliminary rollout of specifics from Attack on Titan is still a a few weeks away, but we’re excited to announce the upcoming Starter Deck pack – which includes decks for two players! These pre-constructed decks include some non-basic Battle Cards, and in general you can expect a more competitive slant compared to regular introductory Starter Deck builds. This offering provides an excellent jumping-in point for new players or Attack on Titan fans, and current players won’t want to miss its exclusive foil and alternate art cards!

From here on out, the options for potential combinations will explode exponentially as more characters from comics, video games, and anime all make their way into MetaX! Whether your deck is comprised of cards solely from Attack on Titan or combines all sets for your dream crossover, the possibilities are nearly endless. If you’re a fan of just one universe, you’ll also always have the ability to build a strong deck with just your favorites – and take on all comers from any release!

4) Organized Play, Headed Your Way


Prepare for battle. . . 

You’ve waited patiently, and now the tsunami is coming soon! MetaX will grow exponentially in 2018, and Organized Play is a huge piece of the puzzle. Watch for details and announcements soon – including a full schedule of events and a detailed breakdown of the mind-blowing prizes!

Attack on Titan is looming, but watch for more strategy discussion of the current format as we ramp up the competitive landscape heading into the first season of OP! As the stakes get higher, so too will the level of deckbuilding – what will rise to the top? In the meantime, if you have a deck concept you’d like help with (or just featured on the blog) – submit your list to OP@paniniamerica.net with “DECK TECH” in the subject line.



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