New Year, New Promos

See the Tournament Kit rotation for January below.

Tournament Kit promos have rotated for the new year. In the new Tournament Kits, you can find foil/altnernate-art variants of P3-JL 4 STR/INT/SP (participation) and P7-JL Green Lantern (top performer).


Multi-Stat 4 looks great with the extended art!

Stores running MetaX events can receive Tournament Kits by contacting Currently, Tournament Kits are used as prize support for local events – but watch for new ways to play at weekly gatherings! As large-scale Organized Play rolls out in 2018, we’ll also have more formats and themes for smaller events. In the meantime, stores can mix things up by utilizing the Draft format (see a preliminary breakdown here).

Promo version aside, Multi-Stat 4 is one of the more useful cards in the game – despite having no effect! Several Rank 4 Battle Cards offer a similar amount of MP gain while still packing an effect, but the universal accessibility (sorry Alfred and Mogo!) of this Multi-Stat 4 can be considered an effect in and of itself.  It won’t generate anything flashy, but it will be consistently playable (with no cost) across your entire Character lineup – not to mention its synergy with cards like 7 Special (C60-GL) or the Blue Lantern Corps.

Check back on Tuesday for the latest tidbits, and have a great weekend!

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