Four for Friday: Meta Musings

See below for a card spotlight – plus other news and notes!

1) Attack on Titan Previews Looming

With the release of Attack on Titan a little over two months away, it’s already time to start thinking about spoiler season! Similar to the last round of previews, you’ll be able to find new cards both here on the blog and across various fansites. You can expect the first Attack on Titan card to be revealed towards the end of February.


Turns out he was just looking for spoilers. 

2) Seen at a Local Scene

A slice of life from a recent Organized Play session, this hard hitting deck can pierce any defense – and is often downright unblockable:

3) Card of the Moment

Green Lantern has only been out for a month, but the environment has already seen a high level of creativity on display. Several archetypes from Justice League received a boost in Green Lantern, but Villain Characters may have benefitted the most overall.


Cyan Magenta Yellow Black


Legion of Doom’s discard requirement creates an immediate outlet for cards like Ra’s Al Ghul, while also unlocking the ability to run a wide array of toolboxed Villain Character effects (such as Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, etc). Legion of Doom also functions extremely well with General Zod, and extra card advantage can be gained from finding Characters like The Joker – Certifiably Insane. The cherry on top? 0 MP cost!

4. Organized Play Season One

We know you’re more than eager to hear about the upcoming season of Organized Play – and we’re just as excited to unleash the floodgates! Stay tuned for more details as we approach GAMA, and in the meantime make sure your local events are receiving Tournament Kit support (contact for more information).


Soon. . .

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