Four for Friday: A Merciless and Beautiful World

A look at some impactful cards from AoT, Batman teasers, and more!

Four things to close out the week.

1. Top AoT Crossover Cards

While stamped decks revolving around the Scout Regiment, Titans, and other new Traits have just begun to scratch the surface of the emerging metagame, there are several cards from Attack on Titan that have made an immediate impact in Potpourri builds.

  • Erwin Smith – playable on multiple levels, whether slotted in as a solo value engine or emphasized in a list with multiple Push/Prep effects
  • 7 STR/INT/SP – Basic Battle Cards have come a long way, and this card shines brightly in decks that splash Kyle Rayner – Beacon of Hope.
  • Diversity – this card rewards mixing together multiple Traits, and the extra consistency it provides can glue together eclectic lineups

2. Card of the Moment: Transformation

At first glance, Transformation can be difficult to appreciate. However, it has numerous combo applications – and the list of positive interactions continues to grow larger with each new set! At the bare minimum, Transformation has the ability to:

  • fully heal a damaged Character (or cut off negative floating effects like Power Players)
  • clear a Character slot (resulting in some amount of MP gain)
  • allow repeated use of a “when played” effect (such as Captain Levi – Juggernaut)

All of this is available for 0 MP, with the actual cost coming in the form of an extra Character for your opponent. While it may be difficult to lock your opponent’s discard pile out of Characters entirely, you can use effects from cards like Eren Jaeger – Determined Trainee to remove their juiciest targets – allowing you to play Transformation when it has little upside for your opponent.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Timing is key!

You can also punish an opponent with three Characters in play by using Transformation with no downside. Since Transformation gives the opponent an extra Character, always be on the lookout for effects that can benefit from the opponent having additional Characters in play (such as Brutality).

3. Viewing Pleasure

Check out the latest match video from our friends at Crossed Streaming, featuring a Triple Trait build vs. Proud Titan control! You can also watch their box opening here, as well as another unboxing from Beckett. If you produce MetaX content and you’d like to be featured on the blog, contact

4. Batman Teasers

MetaX’s next expansion, Batman, is scheduled for release on June 29th.

  • Watch for a certain Trait to have offensive synergy with Basic Battle Cards, including a powerhouse effect that takes place whenever you gain a VP!
  • Expect a toolbox of new Villains to work with Legion of Doom, along with powerful Hero Characters (including a Harley Quinn that works well with Transfer of Power).
  • When spoilers begin near the end of May, we’ll kick things off by posting the Ultra Rare card Batman – Prepared on our Facebook page!