Tuesday Tidbits: Titan Era Deck Tech 2.0!

See the latest fan submission below.

While last week’s session emphasized a new Trait with a splash of older cards, today’s build goes in the opposite direction. This aggressive Red Lantern list from Blaine B. revolves around Characters from the Green Lantern expansion, and it folds in new toys from Attack on Titan to enhance its offensive gameplan! Blaine writes:

“AoT has given this deck many new tools. Camaraderie has drastically improved this deck – it can be 0 MP to draw 4 cards, or even kill Bleez to draw 2 so she can be brought back by Guy Gardner.”


  • Superboy-Prime – Unstoppable x3
  • Guy Gardner – Sector 2814 x3
  • Bleez – Crown Princess x3
  • Atrocitus – Survivor x3


  • Knockout x2
  • Burn You All x3
  • Camaraderie x3

Battle Cards:

  • 1 Strength (U83-AT) x3
  • 2 Strength (U86-AT) x3
  • 3 Strength (C42-AT) x3
  • 4 Strength (U94-GL) x3
  • 6 Strength (R136-JL) x3
  • 7 Strength (R131-GL) x3
  • 1 STR/INT/SP (U92-JL) x2

Blaine also sent over a screenshot of his deck (using a work in progress feature from his site MetaXdb.com):


The nearly mono-Strength Battle Card lineup can be played by the majority of the Characters in the deck, and it makes noteworthy use of the faster attack patterns granted by 3 Strength (C42-AT). Since this deck is hyper aggressive, it may be susceptible to running low on cards – but this can be mitigated with patient utilization of Bleez and Atrocitus. While this deck wants to win by attacking early and often, it still includes lines of play that can eke out some extra value. Other cards to consider:

  • 5 Strength (C38-GL) offers some tech and rewards your particular Battle Card lineup (C50-JL is also an option for more offense)
  • Power Corrupts may seal a game out after your opponent has stabilized
  • though the deck packs a powerful draw engine and Guy Gardner provides a bit of recursion, consider adding additional Characters as needed (beginning with Dex-Starr)

If you’d like tips for your deck (or simply want to see it featured on the blog), submit your list to OP@paniniamerica.net with “DECK TECH” in the subject line.