Four for Friday: MetaX Medley

Catch up on the MetaX metagame below!

Four lucky thoughts on this Friday, the 13th.

1. Draft 

Attack on Titan is now two weeks old, and there continues to be an explosion of innovative new deck construction – but don’t forget about draft! Though each MetaX card has a high relative strength and is intended to be constructed playable in its own right, there are certainly cards that shine more in the draft format.

Evaluating cards from this alternate angle provides opportunities improve your play and/or illuminate new deck possibilities.

For recommended draft rules, see here.

For fan coverage of drafting, check here.

2. Card of the Moment: Finisher

Any card with no MP cost is always intriguing from a consistency standpoint, though Finisher has the condition of requiring a rank 7+ Character in play.



The option exists to include Finisher in any deck as a tech card against resilient Characters like Eren Jaeger – Mysterious Titan, but it is more likely to be utilized by builds with their own suite of large Characters. In a deck where the majority of your Characters can be cleared away by Finisher, it acts as a Resurrection of Power on steroids. When included as a flexible option in midrange decks, the ability to target an opposing Character with Finisher is simply gravy.

3. Crossover Combination

As seen in the last Deck Tech, splashing miscellaneous cards that augment the overall theme of a given Trait can lead to some powerhouse lineups. As the card pool continues to expand, an increasing number of factions overlap to some degree in their mechanical function (discarding, Team Attacking, etc). The combinations listed below are not necessarily intended to be the complete basis of a build, but they may serve as inspiration for other interlinked deck recipes with similar axises of interaction.

4. Batman Teaser

Batman releases June 29th, and spoiler season will begin near the end of May. Leading up to the first batch of previews, watch for a writeup about Trait themes – as well as an early spotlight on the set’s XR and UR cards! In the meantime, you can look forward to the following new Traits:

  • Bat Family (ally based detection)
  • Arkham Inmate (unhinged costs)
  • Rogues Gallery (classic villainry)
  • GCPD (strength in small numbers)
  • along with new Hero and Villain cards, plus other legacy interactions!

Have a great weekend, and check back on Tuesday for the latest Deck Tech entry.