Announcing Batman!

Step onto the streets of Gotham City in MetaX’s next expansion set!

MetaX’s next expansion set, Batman, will include a heavy dose of Batman himself – along with his cast of allies and iconic enemies! Batman will feature the standard set size of 146 cards, and cards will be available through Booster packs only.


1500x1500_bc9c027afd44c60da24fbbaa3102d26a4fdb92ba353533fabf9f4e7aEvery MetaX card is entirely compatible and interchangeable with past releases, and the endless possibilities in deck construction continue to expand with each new set! New Characters with Traits like Bat Family, Rogues Gallery, Arkham Inmate, and GCPD are sure to make an impact in the upcoming season of Organized Play – watch for details soon!

Batman is currently scheduled for a June 29th release. Leading up to launch day, you can expect write-ups on the various themes and mechanics of the set – culminating with the kickoff of spoiler season!

While Batman is the future, the current spotlight remains on the freshly released Attack on Titan. As announced on Friday, don’t forget to enter for a chance to win sealed product! To see more of the two player Starter Deck Set, check out this introduction to MetaX by Crossed Streaming:

Check back on Friday for our giveaway winners, plus more news and coverage from Attack on Titan!