Attack on Titan Giveaway Winners!

See below for the winners from last week’s contest.

Attack on Titan debuted last Friday, and today we’re giving away more sealed product! First, thanks to everyone for participating in last week’s launch celebration giveaway.

The winners:

  • Ryan O.
  • Jason T.
  • Michael F.

There were a wide array of responses to the question “which new card are you most excited to use?” – but these seem to be some of the early standouts from the set:

One week in, Attack on Titan is already making an extreme impact on the metagame. Existing decks have found powerful splashes across all card types – ranging from traditional tools (like Colossal Titan) to archetype enablers (such as 7 Special). Meanwhile, various flavors of stamped builds (primarily Scouts and Titans) are presently establishing their foothold in the game. As the new environment forms, the number of competitively viable decks continues to explode!


Available now! Photo credit: Collector Legion in Gardena, CA. 

With Attack on Titan in your hands and Batman on the summer horizon, what’s next for MetaX? Check back on Tuesday for the first Deck Tech session incorporating AoT, and watch in the coming weeks for more news and coverage about upcoming announcements from Panini Games!