Attack on Titan Launch Day!

Attack on Titan releases today – see below for your chance to win a box!

The third set for MetaX, Attack on Titan, is now available wherever games are sold! You can see the entirety of the expansion here, and these cards can be obtained through Booster Packs and the two player Starter Deck Set. Check your local store for kickoff events featuring a Launch Kit – which includes foil promo cards, playmats, and more! For more information about Launch Kits or regular weekly Tournament Kits, contact – and be sure to watch for pending announcements about the first season of Organized Play.


At long last, Attack on Titan is here! 

Whether you’re interested in the Scout Regiment, Titans, Cadet Corps, Military Police, or Garrison Regiment – we hope that your launch weekend is filled with fun and excitement. To celebrate the debut of Attack on Titan, we’ll be giving away sealed product on our Facebook page! To enter, reply to the relevant post with a comment about your favorite card from the set.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 2.14.11 PM

Don’t miss your chance to win! 

Selected entrants will receive an entire box of Booster Packs and a Starter Deck Set – watch for the winners next Friday. On Tuesday, check back for more news and notes from launch weekend – plus news about MetaX’s next release!

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