Attack on Titan Checklist – Now Live!

The full set list is now available – and see below for info about the two player Starter Deck Kit!

The wait is nearly over! Attack on Titan releases this Friday, and the full spoiler can be seen here.

The checklist displays the 146 cards available in Booster Packs, as well as alternate-art Starter Deck (“S” rarity) and Promo (“P”) cards.

The Starter Deck Kit contains two pre-constructed decks, featuring Eren, Mikasa, and other Scouts vs. Proud Titan, Reiner, and Bertholdt! Each Starter Deck Kit will also include two foldout play-mats, 20 random foil cards, and two copies of the Starter Deck exclusive P13 Captain Levi – Humanity’s Strongest Soldier!

These decks feature a mix of Basic and non-Basic Battle Cards, and they are nicely tuned to play against each other. The Starter Deck Kit is a perfect introduction for players that are jumping into MetaX for the first time – while also serving as a stepping stone to ownership of a competitive deck for constructed play (with very few additions needed)!

New players building decks for the first time will appreciate the lower rarity reprints found in Attack on Titan, including commonly played cards like 2 Intelligence and Joke’s On You.

Check back on Friday for our launch day celebration giveaway, and be sure to watch for more content from the partner sites that helped to make this past spoiler season such a great success!


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