AoT Previews: Foil Pattern Revealed!

Check below for the first look at Attack on Titan’s new foil pattern.

MetaX’s Attack on Titan is just one week away, with product available for sale on March 30th! Keep in mind that the set will be available in the form Booster Packs and a two player Starter Deck Kit, which we’ll unbox on the blog next week. Events taking place near the release of Attack on Titan will feature Launch Kits filled with swag – including new play mats! For more information about Launch Kits or Organized Play, contact

Each universe in MetaX will have its own unique foil pattern, so the release of Attack on Titan means the debut of new foils!




Foil cards drop at a rate of 1:3 packs, and the two player Starter Deck Kit includes 20 foils by default!

Check back on Tuesday for the full checklist from Attack on Titan, and don’t miss Friday’s launch giveaway contest! Until then, you can find additional spoilers here: