AoT Previews: Titan Time!

See below for our latest previews from Attack on Titan.

In the world of Attack on Titan, the Titans are the antagonists of the series. In the MetaX TCG engine, their immense size is represented by Stats with Ranks that exceed the normal maximum of seven. Though this does not grant access to any additional Battle Cards (1-7), it increases their threshold for HP KO (and allows for other interactions, such as effects referencing “rank 7 or higher” Characters). Due to their higher HP, the Titans thrive during the Battle Step – as they are often able to KO an opposing attacker/defender while surviving any return damage. Today’s previews showcase the final three Cross Rare (“XR”) Titans. You can find the fourth, Colossal Titan, here.


The Titan form of Eren is extremely difficult to KO in normal combat. His high HP KO threshold incentivizes aiming for a TKO, but his ability to shed low rank damage can require awkward sequencing on your part. Bigger decks still play “big” against the high rank Titans, so the midrange likes of Superman and Shazam can still go toe to toe with them in most scenarios. While Titans shine during the Battle Step, their effects often have little application outside of combat – and they usually generate low MP to boot.


Female Titan’s crystallization ability allows you to essentially negate an opponent’s KO effect for -2 MP. On top of that, you can sacrifice her to your own card effects (such as Resurrection of Power) and play her right back – while healing up in the process!


Armored Titan is the old standard “highest kill threshold,” with three Stats and a max Rank of 7. He is fine to absorb most hits in combat, and his discard effect generates a great deal of value even when he is defended. In other scenarios, your opponent will let him through for a VP in order to preserve key cards in their hand.


Crawling Titan allows all of your Titan Characters to play any Battle Card, enabling some exotic Battle Card suites in some builds (or solid consistency in others). It is also noteworthy that he gains +3 MP, tied for highest amongst the Titans.


Towering Titan is deceptively simple, but his high durability in the Battle Step and +3 MP generation make him a true value monster.


Devour is one of the defining Events for the play-style of the Titans, as it allows for a huge MP boost in the mid to late stages of the game. Events like this one are emblematic of the Titan archetype – big and strong, but also lumbering. The effects of Titans don’t offer any card draw or filtering, and their Events are one shot bombs. There are limited recursion or search effects for Titans, but with proper sequencing they are able to followup Devour with something like:


Brutality requires running a significant amount of Titan Characters in your deck, and you likely won’t be able to play it at all in the early stages of the game. Its effect requires you to target 4 Characters, meaning you’ll always have to target at least one of your own. Sometimes, losing two of your own may also be advantageous in order to clear up Character Zone space while also KOing two opposing Characters. In the late stages of the game against a full board, this card and two Battle Cards will almost always lead to 2 VP!


Steam is another Event that rewards a high count of Titan Characters, and on a lucky hit it can add an extra Character to your board and heal a VP in one powerful turnaround! There are also massive combo opportunities available in Potpourri builds, such a lineup including Munk.


While the rank of this Battle Card is lower than Titans would usually like to be throwing, its ability to shut down defensive Constants offers some limited utility to their otherwise combat oriented toolkit.

The natural combat hardiness of Titans steers them comfortably towards midrange builds, but there are several branching paths to explore across nearly every archetype. They can be effectively incorporated in varying amounts, including hardcore mono-Titan, a Titan stamped build with synergistic supplements, or a rainbow build with splashed Titans serving all purpose roles. Whichever way you choose to utilize these monsters, they’re sure to have a giant impact on the battlefield!

Aside from the Titans revealed here today, also watch for Proud Titan (Uncommon), Big Mouth Titan (Rare), and Sullen Titan (Rare) spread out across our fansite affiliates! We’ll be back on Friday with a look at the Scout Regiment from AoT, and in the meantime you can find additional previews here: