Attack on Titan Spoiler Season Begins!

Check below for the first batch of previews from Attack on Titan!

Spoiler season is officially underway! Earlier today, we unveiled the Ultra Rare “Mikasa Ackermann – Battle Genius” on the Panini Games Facebook page. We’ve previously explored some of the ideas and themes in Attack on Titan, and today’s cards provide a few concrete examples – and more hints at things to come. Whether you’re mixing and matching sets or simply using a mono-AoT build, you’ll want to stay informed on the latest spoilers (Tuesdays/Fridays on the blog leading up to the scheduled March 30th release). Even if you plan to only fight against Attack on Titan decks without utilizing these cards yourself, you’ll still want to follow along – know your enemy!


With so many archetypes able to function with multiple Traits, Diversity is sure to find a home in a great deal of decks – especially flexible midrange builds. Recurring a Character and Battle Card from the discard pile offers a stabilizing hand refill, and the -5 MP cost to net +1 card compares favorably to the standard curve of Upper Hand.

Sasha Braus is a member of the Cadet Corps, which is one of the six Traits found in Attack on Titan. Most Cadet Corps Characters have “techy” effects that exploit specific board-states, and they have a general affinity for the Scout Regiment. Sasha doesn’t grant the high level of utility that is seen on other Cadets, but her ability to loop “Potato” can generate significant card advantage – especially when the Scouts get busy and drop more than one Character in a single turn!


Colossal Titan – God of Destruction is one of four Cross Rare (“XR”) Titans in the set, and you’ll notice he has a maximum rank that is higher than 7! While Battle Cards will still only range from 1-7, many of the Titans have a rank of 8 or 9 to represent their massive presence – while also effectively increasing their HP KO threshold beyond what was previously possible. Combined with his triple-Stat TKO requirement, this is an exceedingly difficult Character to KO in combat. In general, you’ll notice that the Titans survive most Battle Card exchanges and consistently thrive in the Battle Step.

Colossal Titan’s effect allows you to peek over the wall of your opponent’s hand and destroy a tiny Battle Card – but maximizing his value requires your own deck to avoid running those lower rank Battle Cards as well. This is a great counter to several powerhouse cards, including the frequently seen 1 STR/INT/SP (U92-JL) and 2 Intelligence (C38-JL) from Justice League. While his effect is universally applicable in a wide array of Potpourri archetypes, he’s also highly playable in different flavors of Titan stamped builds.

Speaking of the Titan Trait, make sure to check back on Tuesday for a spotlight on Titans (followed by the Scout Regiment on Friday). Starting next week, you’ll also be able to find additional spoilers on various fansites and channels – watch for the links! As we approach AoT’s launch, watch for more previews here on the blog – along with the unveiling of the mysterious *marble* foil pattern, news from GAMA, Launch Kit swag, Organized Play announcements, AoT giveaways, and more!

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