Four for Friday: Titans Draw Near! 

See below for info about Launch Kits, themes in Attack on Titan, and more!

1. AoT Launch Kits

Launch Kits for Attack on Titan will be available through distributors to any store running events in the release window. A full breakdown of the Launch Kit contents will be posted at a later date – watch for the upcoming foil promo cards and other swag!

These posters are just a few of the items included in the Launch Kit – watch for more goodies as we approach release!

For questions about securing a Launch Kit for your store, contact

2. Tribal Gameplay

Aside from mechanical themes like “good at Team Attacking” (Scout Regiment) or “hard to kill” (Titans), the different Traits in Attack on Titan also have overarching motifs that guide their function. For example:

  • Titan decks can have a “stiff” feel, with their high impact plays requiring singular effects to be drawn and used
  • Scout Regiment builds have access to a significant amount of Character regeneration and flexibility (especially when combined with Cadet Corps), creating a powerful foundation for multiple strategies
  • Mechanically, Military Police decks can focus on maximizing Character effects (such as Annie Leonheart). However, they also have synergy (hybrid or mono-stamped) with “Rank 5” effects
  • Meanwhile, the strongest effects stamped to the Garrison Regiment are Push effects – many of which allow multiple layers of recursion


Panini Games will have a booth presence at the GAMA Trade Show in Reno, NV from March 12th-16th. Watch for more information about upcoming demos and giveaways from GAMA, and keep your eyes peeled for info about the first season of Organized Play around this time!


Stop by and see us in Reno! 

4. Spoiler Season Schedule

After Attack on Titan previews begin on March 2nd, you’ll be able to find additional spoilers on various fansites and channels. The first card to be revealed will be shown on our Facebook page, followed by regular spotlights here on the blog. Some themes for the first wave:

  • Tuesday, March 6th: Titans (including multiple XR reveals)!
  • Friday, March 9th: Scout Regiment
  • Tuesday, March 12th: Military Police Regiment
  • Friday, March 16th: Garrison Regiment

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