Tuesday Tidbits: Scarecrow Deck Tech!

This week’s submission revolves around the Sinestro Corps.

Today, we’ll once again peer into the ever-changing Green Lantern environment with another Deck Tech. In less than two months, Attack on Titan will shake the metagame up even further – adding to the already limitless possibilities of deck construction! The next few weeks will be the final Deck Tech segments for this format, with spoiler season for Attack on Titan previews beginning on March 2nd.

As a contrast to last week’s hybrid approach, today’s submission is focused a single Trait. Sinestro Corps decks can generate attacks directly to the face – which can be utilized as an efficient win condition for slower builds, or simply a way to gain quick VPs in an aggro deck. Today, we’ll be looking at a midrange approach that aims to leverage Scarecrow – Master of Fear with Characters that thrive against defenders. Submitted by Jeremy C.:

“To Defend, or Not to Defend”



Battle Cards:


When your opponent only has one eligible blocker, Scarecrow easily jams through one or two unblockable VPs. In more common scenarios with multiple defenders available, combining Scarecrow with Sinestro – Tyrant and Parallax can create difficult decisions for your opponent. Both of these Characters often make defending feel like a losing proposition, and Scarecrow can guide the ideal targets into their paths. 

The overall Character count in this list is a bit light –  look to add some recursive Events (such as Rise from the Ashes or Rebirth) and/or adding more Characters. Aside from increasing your virtual Character count, the recursive Events would also allow repeated access to Scarecrow if he is KO’d by an effect. Other cards to consider:

  • the inclusion of Hal Jordan is nice tech against matchups trying to outrace you on VPs, consider adding a second copy (at the expense of Point Blank x1)
  • Willpower on Scarecrow can be functionally identical to Power Corrupts in certain scenarios
  • Mongul adds to your Character count and augments Superboy-Prime in a way that opens new Battle Card avenues
  • This is an eclectic mix of Battle Cards with a lot of flexibility, though the overall count can safely decrease to fit more Characters

If you’d like tips for your deck (or simply want to see it featured on the blog), submit your list to OP@paniniamerica.net with “DECK TECH” in the subject line.