Deck Tech #5: Red Lanterns x Supergirl!

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This week’s deck was submitted by Justice League playtester Dylan Quern, and it revolves around a theme of Supergirl with Red Lanterns. This is a well crafted list with numerous overlapping interactions, and it serves as a strong example of how to approach a build that splashes universally useful Characters with Trait stamped effects.



Battle Cards:

A combo in the making! 

Maximizing Supergirl requires running a low count of Events, but the handful included here can lead to some powerhouse plays. The combination of Transfer of Power and Supergirl consistently pressures the opponent’s Events in hand, creating significant card advantage (or at least forcing awkward sequencing) while limiting removal options. To a lesser extent, Superman can also make use of Transfer of Power – though he is the most likely Character to swap out when making any changes.

Green Arrow’s synergy with Atrocitus – Survivor is obvious, but his KO effect can also be easily used with the multitude of “when played” Characters in the deck. On top of that, his ability to force a generic discard becomes devastating on the heels of Supergirl. Other cards to consider:

  • 4 Special (C48-JL) – much like Green Arrow, this discard effect becomes exponentially more powerful when played after Supergirl
  • different “when played” Hero Characters such as Batman – The Dark Knight (would require some recalibration on the Battle Cards, but he is one of the strongest ToP candidates)
  • cheap Events such as Resurrection of Power and Recharge – their low costs allow for easy usage before dropping Supergirl, even in the same turn

If you’d like tips for your deck (or simply want to see it featured on the blog), submit your list to with “DECK TECH” in the subject line. In next week’s session, watch for a deck based around the Sinestro Corps. On Friday, check back for more news and updates – including the upcoming Tournament Kit rotation, additional teasers from Attack on Titan, and more!

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