Photo Contest Winners!

See below for Attack on Titan teasers – plus the winners from last week’s contest!

AOT Teasers

When Attack on Titan launches in two months, the otherworldly size of the Titans will be reflected in their Stats – some of them exceeding 7! While Battle Cards will remain within the regular range of 1 through 7, these higher Stats will still grant the Titans several advantages – the most significant being a higher HP KO threshold.

More Titanic Teasers:

  • There are 7 Characters with the Cadet Corps Trait in the next set. Watch for their tech effects and synergy with the Scout Regiment!
  • Which Character do you suppose has this “when played” effect?
    Search your discard pile for a “Potato” and place it in your hand. 
  • There are three different versions of Mikasa and Eren in the next set (spread across a wide range of rarities!)

Could this be the key to everything?!

Photo Contest Winners

Before announcing the winners from last week’s contest, we’d like to extend our extreme thanks to everyone that participated by posting on our Facebook page – they were all great submissions:

The winners:

  • Ty T.
  • Frannie S.
  • SJ Brown

Congratulations to the winners, and be on the lookout for more promotions and giveaways from Panini Games!