Four for Friday: Photo Submission Contest!

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1. Card of the Moment 

At first glance, Echolocation seems like a card that should make its way into almost any deck. In practice, not every Character lineup can support the significant MP cost – nor does every deck need access to this kind of effect. On top of that, Event slots in a MetaX deck are always tight.

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However, decks that can fully utilize Echolocation have access to one of the most powerful effects in the game. Denying your opponent a key Battle Card can buy a ton of time (or accelerate your victory!), while hitting a Character card might cause your opponent to stall on MP entirely. Regardless of which card you choose to discard, you’ll also be treated to full knowledge of the opponent’s hand – allowing you to script out your attacks and defenses with total confidence!

Midrange decks make excellent use of this card, but it also has far-reaching applications (both offensive and defensive) for Aggro/Control.

2. Titanic Teases

Attack on Titan will usher in many things for MetaX: the first anime license, the beginning of crossover play between universes, the first set released alongside large Organized Play events…

Of course, there’s also the simple fact that the card pool will increase by 33% – opening up countless additional strategies and deck building possibilities! You can expect several new Traits to enter the game, each with their own themes. Titan Characters are uniquely difficult to take down, while the Scout Regiment is all about teamwork and swarming. Meanwhile, you’ll also see several universal effects – as well as other lightly stamped Characters from the Garrison Regiment (focusing on recursion) and Military Police (watch out for Annie!)



3. Metagame Snapshot

The Green Lantern environment remains wide open. Even after results from Organized Play begin to influence and inform deck choices, there’s no telling where things will end up! While this list is far from exhaustive, here are some of the currently played decks to prepare for:

  • Aggro (such as Red Lanterns or Blue Beetle)
  • Midrange (featuring cards like Shazam, Superman, etc)
  • Control (with an emphasis on delaying effects like Dr. Fate, Firestorm, etc)
  • Hand destruction (with Vixen shielding from your symmetrical effects)
  • Negation/ “Stun” (Doomsday, Hawk Girl, Black Hand, etc)
  • Villain decks (Legion of Doom based)
  • Direct VP Gain (such as the deck reviewed here)

4. Facebook Giveaway Photo Contest

It’s time for another raffle, and this time you can win a booster box of Green Lantern. To enter, head over to our Facebook page and reply to the relevant thread with a photo depicting you and a friend playing MetaX (bonus points if its from a local tournament)!

Three lucky winners will be announced next Friday, so be sure to enter before then. Check back on Tuesday for more news and notes – including a Superman Deck Tech!

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