Tuesday Tidbits: Deck Tech Part 4!

See below for a submitted Superman deck!

Before we step into the lab for another Deck Tech, don’t forget about our photo contest to win a box – entries must be submitted by Friday!

Today’s deck was submitted by Ben S. from Australia – and he has helped his local scene build over 20 different kinds of decks! Ben writes:

“This deck can easily play super aggressive and win games in just a few minutes, or you can pace yourself and just block everything and get some sneaky VPs at opportune times. I love playing this deck and use it as a base to compare all my other decks to…”

Let’s check out the list.



Battle Cards:

This is a robust Midrange deck that relies on creating virtual card advantage by winning exchanges between Characters during the Battle Step. Shazam and Superman – Last Son of Krypton are cornerstones of this archetype, as both Rank 7 Characters can fill dual offensive/defensive roles (and aside from healing himself, Shazam can also act as a much needed MP engine). One of the signature plays of any Superman based deck is to open the first turn with Man Beyond Tomorrow to find and play Man of Steel onto an empty board. Stable!

The Character count is somewhat increased by Leap Into Action and Man Beyond Tomorrow, but the total amount is still a bit low (especially when pitching cards to Kal-El’s effect). The most important addition to this deck would be some form of Character recursion from the discard pile – ensuring that your deck searching effects always have a target. Recharge is a strong candidate, as it draws to replace itself and costs 0 MP (though it does gobble up precious deck space). Taking into account the current eleven Characters and five Events that can search for a Character, two more Characters should suffice. Other cards to consider:

  • two copies of Firestorm (always strong in Midrange, provides extra answers to go with Power Players)
  • two copies of Wonder Woman – Princess Diana of Themyscira (anti-synergy with Kal-El, but creates a strong board presence in combination with Last Son of Krypton)
  • alternatives to Recharge include Rebirth or various Battle Card effects
  • in a build with two copies of Recharge, also try a third copy of Leap Into Action (aiming for a final ratio of 12 Characters, 12 Events, and 16 Battle Cards)
  • White Lantern package: add three copies of Superman – Protector of Life (with up to six Events that search for him, you’ll gain consistent access to Triumph as a form of ultra flexible recursion)

If you’d like tips for your deck (or simply want to see it featured on the blog), submit your list to OP@paniniamerica.net with “DECK TECH” in the subject line. Check back on Friday for the contest winners – plus more teasers from Attack on Titan!