Four for Friday: AoTeasers!

Check below for four quick facts about MetaX’s next expansion set!

1. Ultra Debut 

When spoiler season kicks off at the end of this month, the first preview will be unveiled on our Facebook page – the Ultra Rare card Mikasa Ackermann – Battle Genius! As usual, you’ll also be able to find previews here on the blog and across various fansites/channels.

Aside from the UR version, Mikasa has Uncommon and Rare variants in Booster Packs -as well as a foil Promo card. The Rare Mikasa is also included in the two player Starter Kit.

2. Cross Rares

There are four XR cards in Attack on Titan:

  • Armored Titan – Wallbreaker
  • Female Titan – Hardened Warrior
  • Eren Jaeger – Mysterious Titan
  • Colossal Titan – God of Destruction

Taking these reveals (and Mikasa above) into account, who do you predict will be the final Ultra Rare of the set?

3. Military Police Sampler

These effects appear on cards stamped to the Military Police Regiment. Can you guess the card type for each?

  • Shuffle a Military Police Regiment Character you control into its owner’s deck to draw 2 cards.
  • Discard a Military Police Regiment Character from your hand to shuffle 4 non-Event cards from a discard pile into their owner’s deck. Draw a card.
  • Draw a card for each Military Police Regiment Character you control.

Delivering the goods to a deck near you 

4. Unity

Scout Regiment Characters in the next set have applications in a wide range of deck types – and there are multiple paths to explore even within a heavily Trait stamped build. One of the possible routes for Scout Regiment decks will revolve around Team Attacking, with lineups differentiating themselves by Stat type, a potential Cadet Corps splash, and so on.

Team Attacks can naturally pierce through defenders for a VP, but you’re often left with no defenders as a result of Pushing to Link. Watch for effects that prep Scout Regiment Characters after Team Attacking, as well as effects that facilitate faster/cheaper Team Attacks in general. Finally, you’ll also notice effects that offer a large reward for pulling off a Team Attack, such as the following Constant effect:

“Whenever this card Links to a Team Attack led by a Scout Regiment Character, gain 1 VP.”

Attack on Titan is scheduled for a March 30th release.