Four for Friday: Wall Peering

See below for a reveal of the final UR from Attack on Titan, more top tier decks from the Green Lantern environment, and other news/notes!

1. “And the final UR goes to…”

As previously announced, the four Cross Rare (XR) cards in the in the next set are all Titans (Armored, Female, Colossal, and Eren). The first Ultra Rare card, Mikasa Ackermann – Battle Genius, will be revealed on our Facebook page when spoiler season kicks off on March 2nd. The remaining Ultra Rare card in Attack on Titan is Captain Levi – Juggernaut!


Believe in his abilities!

He’ll also be available in Rare form as Captain Levi – Humanity’s Strongest Soldier.


2. Tuesday Tech

Tuesday’s post will be the final Deck Tech for this metagame, highlighting a Legion of Doom/Villain build. Much like the last session, the list will aim to serve as an example of one of the strongest performing archetypes that we’ve seen so far. Aside from these two entries, there are numerous other noteworthy decks of similar power level:

  • Starfire based builds
  • Midrange Potpourri (with cards like Shazam and Wonder Woman – Amazon Princess)
  • Ra’s Al Ghul/Blue Beetle/4 Special Aggro
  • Stun (with the Swiss Army Knife currently set to Hawkgirl/Constantine)
  • Countless Lantern builds (including Indigo Tribe control splashes, Black Lantern tech splashes, Red Lantern Aggro)

3. Titan Trait Tour

When the Titan Trait is examined on March 6th, there are several non-XR Character cards to be revealed – along with these Titan stamped Events! Can you guess their thematic ties?

  • Devour
  • Brutality
  • Steam

Other cards referencing Titans include Wall Breach, Titanic Transformation, and various forms of interaction on Battle Cards!

4. Upcoming OP News

Details about the first season of Organized Play are due in the near future – be ready for more information about the next level of tournament play! Soon on the blog, you’ll also be able to see the contents of the Attack on Titan Launch Kit (for more information contact Finally, regular Tournament Kits will be rotating next month – watch for the new promo cards in this space!