Deck Tech #8: Doomed!

See below for a final deck spotlight from the current environment!

With Attack on Titan’s release just over one month away, today’s Deck Tech will be the final entry for the Green Lantern metagame. Much like last week’s deck, today’s list provides another snapshot of one of the top performing decks in the current environment.

Though today’s session can be easily classified as a “Legion of Doom deck,” this is just one of several directions available for Villain based strategies. For example, a negation heavy build with Doomsday would require an entirely different approach – as would a more aggressive list focused on Ra’s Al Ghul. Legion of Doom allows for creativity in deckbuilding, with applications ranging from forming the core of a strategy (such as Poison Ivy/Solomon Grundy/Bizarro/Evil Parade/Showdown control) to adding consistency with a simple splash (such as Scarecrow – Jonathan Crane in a Sinestro Corps denial build). It also allows for tool-boxing in one to two copies of tech Characters, as seen below.

Today’s submission comes from MetaX Game Developer/Playtester Phil McGrath, and this “Stun” list features a heavy emphasis on locking down the opponent’s effects! Phil writes: “The deck [is favored] against opponents reliant on rank 7 Characters or Constant effects.”



Battle Cards:

Consistent access to Zod and Freeze can quickly restrict your opponent’s options – especially in specific matchups. Bizarro backs up your most relevant effects, and he can always provide value by targeting Harley.

The slots devoted to Character recursion allow for maximum utilization of Legion of Doom. The toolbox options are both high impact, with Darkseid preying on a weakened hand or Deathstroke clearing a pesky Push effect. Echolocation allows this kind of speedy deck to maintain board presence – while also preemptively stripping the opponent of answers to your lock components.

The Battle Cards are nicely tuned, offering a consistent amount of offensive firepower and card advantage. This particular Character lineup allows for a high pressure strategy, but slight tweaks (such as swapping out the four copies of Harley) could trade speed for some extra flexibility. Other Villain Characters to consider:

Next week’s Tuesday post will feature previews from Attack on Titan, as spoiler season kicks off this Friday! After AoT’s launch, we’ll resume posting Deck Techs in the future. If you’d like tips for your deck (or simply want to see it featured on the blog), submit your list to with “DECK TECH” in the subject line.

Aside from the unveiling of the Ultra Rare Mikasa on our Facebook page, check back on Friday for additional previews from Attack on Titan – including a list of spoilers from various fansites and channels!