Titan Deck Tech IV: Triple Threat!

This week’s highlighted deck revolves around a powerful Battle Card from Green Lantern!

While there are many styles of Potpourri decks in MetaX, they all share a general trend of combining “the best cards available” for a given strategy. This approach to deckbuilding leads to lists that have a unified theme (especially in the Character lineup), though some peripheral components of the deck may be mismatched.

Rather than choose a direction and select the best cards for it, today’s rainbow entry instead emphasizes a handful of individual powerhouse effects – and then fills in the costs/requirements around them.



Battle Cards:

At its core, this is a resilient Character lineup that includes enough Traits to utilize 7 Special. Aside from the virtual advantages generated by high HP Characters throwing large Battle Cards, Mikasa is able to quickly find the 7 SP – which can then be pulled back by cards like Diversity and 3 Special. For the most part, the deck should aim to overwhelm the opponent with the sheer size of its attacks, the resilience of its Characters, and its consistent card advantage on all fronts.

There are only so many 7 SP Characters available to this deck, but it still has some utility in the form of Agent Orange, Batman’s filtering, and toolbox Battle Cards from Mikasa. Other cards to consider:

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