Four for Friday: Dark Knight Rising!

Check below for an individual card spotlight, a look at some tech options, and more teasers from Batman!

1. Redemption Reminder

If you haven’t submitted your Green Lantern Redemption form, be sure to do so by checking out the sidebar or clicking here. Note: shipments are limited to one per address, while supplies last.

2. Card of the Week: 3 STR/INT/SP (R131-AT)

Decks that include a high count of Rank 7 Characters can be vulnerable to effects like Mr. Freeze – Victor Fries and Finisher, but they gain access to one of the best Battle Cards in the game.


Since it includes all three Stats, this Battle Card can always be played by any Rank 7 or higher Characters to draw a card! This has obvious applications in the Titan Trait, but any top-heavy deck can make good use of this effect. Battle Cards that replace themselves are always valuable, and this comes at no MP cost. In a pinch, this can still be used by practically every Character in the game – and consider maximizing its effectiveness by stacking your deck with cards like Batman – Caped Crusader!

3. Meta Dependent

Each card you include in your deck can be thought of as coming at the expense of every other card that didn’t make it into your final list. When evaluating cards from this perspective in MetaX, the relatively small deck size leads to each individual card having a significant impact on the overall identity of your build. With deck slots at a premium, the opportunity cost of running a card that narrowly counters an opposing strategy can appear discouraging – especially when trying to squeeze in stamped/themed effects that promote your deck’s own strategy.

However, tech cards can shore up any weaknesses against specific matchups that give your deck trouble (and they often tip the scales against builds that focus entirely on one aspect)! Seldom seen options include:

  • Hawkgirl – aside from shutting down a grip of highly played cards, she also smooths things over with a desirable Strength attribute and +3 MP
  • Injustice  – instead of shoring up a weakness, this serves an example of a tech card that can augment a theme (try it with Constantine and/or Doomsday)
  • 5 Strength (R132-JL) – as a Rank 5 Battle Card with no MP cost, running a single copy of this card has little downside (with the potential to be searched/recurred as an ace in the hole against several emerging matchups)

4. Holy Teasers, Batman! 

Batman spoilers are coming soon – in the meantime, here are four new Character effects from the next set. Can you guess which Trait matches up with each effect?

  • Draw a card for each other [REDACTED] Character you control.
  • Negate the effects of Battle Cards with a rank of 5 or higher.
  • At the end of your turn, you may discard a card from your hand to prep [REDACTED] Characters you control.
  • If you control another [REDACTED] Character, place this card facedown into your opponent’s VP Pile to gain control of target Character.