Titan Deck Tech 3.0: Team Attack Scouts!

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As one of the largest factions in the game, the Scout Regiment offers Characters that enable a wide array of strategies. Aside from mono-Scouts, they can also be combined with Cadet Corps Characters and/or splashed with non-stamped effects into rainbow builds. Generally speaking, mono-Scout decks can be broken down into “Aggro” or “Team Attack.” Amongst the Team Attack archetype, there are a myriad of viable Scout lineups – each with their own strengths an inconveniences. Today’s submission from MetaX developer Kyle McGrath is a Team Attack deck with resilient defensive options that stem from its overall flexibility.



Battle Cards:

In a previous entry, we explored a deck that looked to combine Oruo with Nightwing to gain quick bursts of automatic VPs. Here, there is still explosive Team Attack potential with Oruo (and extra fuel from Captain Levi – Humanity’s Strongest Soldier) – but the deck also has the ability to shift gears into “normal mode” with cards like Synchronicity, Zoe Hange, and Eren Jaeger – Suicidal Bastard. Other cards to consider:

  • 5 STR/INT/SP (U95-JL): extra card advantage to augment Mikasa – Battle Genius and Standstill
  • Teamwork: more defensive options, almost no downside
  • additional Elite Scout Regiment targets (such as Christa Lenz) for expanded midrange slant

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