Four for Friday: Heroes and Villains

See below for a breakdown of the Hero and Villain Traits – plus their future direction in Batman!

The first preview from Batman is only three weeks away, and we’re just two months out from the June 29th release! Aside from the previously highlighted new Traits in Batman, there are also eight Hero Characters and seven Villain Characters in the next set.

1. Heroes

Effects stamped to Heroes are generally “helpful” in some way, emphasizing things like healing or drawing cards. Certain builds of Hero decks can also be defined by their interaction with Transfer of Power, so be sure to watch for the Hero variant of Harley Quinn and her tempo generating “when played” effect in Batman.

Other Hero effects include a Character that offers a large reward whenever you remove damage, a Constant effect that makes your Rank 7 Characters untargetable, and an Event that can draw cards while prepping Heroes! Finally, be on the lookout for a Hero Batman with an effect that severely punishes the opponent for discarding cards from a player’s hand or deck.

2. Villains

While Hero abilities tend to benefit their user, Villain effects are oriented around disruption and destruction. Builds with a high count of Villains usually run Legion of Doom, which allows for instant access to a small suite of tech Characters. New Villain Characters include the Ultra Rare card The Joker – Unpredictable, along with Bat-Mite, Red Hood, Deathstroke, and more.

Villains also gain a new Event that can draw cards by clearing out stale Characters, and the set contains a Villain stamped 7 Strength Battle Card.

3. Events in Batman

Events usually make up the smallest portion of a decklist, but they are undeniably the best way to augment strengths (such as adding Injustice to a negation deck) or shore up weaknesses (such as a deck weak to Constantine making room for Disgraced). Non-stamped Events in Batman present options like:

  • the ability to KO target damaged Character
  • an Event that can add a Trait to a Character for -2 MP
  • an effect that rewards playing multiple Basic Battle Cards in the same turn

4. Preview Schedule

After the kickoff of spoiler season on May 25th, regular updates on the blog will highlight a new batch of previews each week:

  • Friday, May 25th: Batman – Prepared (Ultra Rare)
  • Tuesday, May 29th: Bat Family
  • Friday, June 1st: Rogues Gallery
  • Tuesday, June 5th: Arkham Innmates
  • Friday, June 8th: GCPD
  • Tuesday, June 12th: Heroes and Villains
  • Friday, June 15th: Full checklist uploaded

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