Final Titan Deck Tech: Policing the Board!

See below for the last Deck Tech before the release of Batman.

Spoiler season for Batman begins on Friday, and today’s Deck Tech session is the last of the AoT era. Fittingly, it features the Military Police Regiment – with Annie Leonheart’s power on full display!

This submission comes from MetaX developer Dan Green, who writes:

“The control provided by Annie and Sinestro allows the deck to set up advantaged boards, especially with the use of Teleportation and 1 STR/INT (should the opponent attack into the trap).”



Battle Cards:

This deck has an extreme emphasis on Annie, and it aims to repeatedly use her effect through cards like Nile Dawk, Teleportation, and the 1 STR/INT. Aside from Annie, all of the included Military Police Characters have a maximum rank of 5 – granting access to Sinestro for extra mop-up duty!

Resurrection of Power is always useful in a deck with a significant amount of “when played” effects, and the recursion from Joke’s On You and Discipline can lead to even more loops of Annie. All of the selected Battle Cards have brutal effects (led by the defining 3 Intelligence), and their low ranks are largely irrelevant when the deck is firing on all cylinders.
 Other cards to consider:

Be sure to check back on Friday for the debut of Batman – Prepared, followed by preview spotlights on the blog and additional spoilers on fansites!