The Dark Knight’s Arrival: Batman Spoilers!

See below for a look at things to come!

Welcome to the first of many Batman preview packages! Earlier today, we kicked off spoiler season on the Panini Games Facebook page with the reveal of Batman – Prepared. Batman’s ability helps Characters with the “Bat Family” Trait – including himself! Watch for more Bat Family cards on Tuesday, followed by regular preview updates each week:

Tuesday, May 29th: Bat Family
  • Friday, June 1st: Rogues Gallery
  • Tuesday, June 5th: Arkham Inmates
  • Friday, June 8th: GCPD
  • Tuesday, June 12th: Heroes and Villains
  • Friday, June 15th: Full checklist uploaded

Leading up to Batman’s June 29th release, keep your eyes on the blog for more card previews, info about the upcoming Launch Kit, Gen Con announcements, foil photos, giveaway contests, and more!

Today’s batch of previews offers a sampling of some of the set’s themes.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
Conceal provides protection from common effects like Firestorm and 3 Intelligence, granting consistency to decks based around a single Character’s effect. This card acts as a counterpart to Power Players, which has been reprinted with this nifty new art:

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
Batman has several cards that reward running specific Character lineups, including this stamped Event. At no MP cost, a heavy Joker/Harley deck can use this effect multiple times in a single match!

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
This is another effect that guides your deck in a certain direction, but it doesn’t require specific Characters. Dig deep into its possibilities!

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
Villain Characters continue to exhibit powers that are harmful to the opponent, including this version of Red Hood (and watch for another Hero variant).

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Terry McGinnis from “Batman Beyond” is a Batman from the future, allowing him to impact Events in a way the game has never seen! While his effect requires you to eschew your own low cost Events, it opens up Event slots to mid-cost cards like Echolocation.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Harley Quinn – Queen of Arkham works well as a discard outlet for Arkham Inmate decks, as their effects key off of having fewer cards in your hand than your opponent. However, this filtering ability also has a wide range of applications in rainbow archetypes – and the 7 Stat is a cherry on top.

Check back on Tuesday for more from Batman, including a list of links to fansites that will be revealing additional previews!

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