Batman Previews: Bat Family Ties!

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Spoiler season for Batman is now in full effect, with today’s post showcasing a selection of cards from the “Bat Family” Trait. As the largest Trait in the set (15 Characters overall), the Bat Family offers a diverse array of effects. Many Bat Family Characters have abilities that lend themselves to a flexible playstyle, but they often rely on small combinations of one another to function. When working as a team, Bat Family builds can operate within any archetype – all with an underlying theme of detection!

Batman loves to investigate things, including the top of your own deck. As a triple Stat Character with a maximum Rank of 7, Batman is able to dramatically improve the quality of your upcoming draws. Aside from general smoothing, watch for payoffs that interact with stacking your deck.

Using Batgirl with effects like Batman – Detective allows you to refill your deck with Battle Cards (along with a timely shuffle).

There are several draw engines available to the Bat Family, and Nightwing is one of the most potent options. Though he is heavily stamped, his ability often draws 2 cards – providing fuel for any approach!

Bat Family decks have numerous branching paths, and Oracle serves as an example of the control route. Oracle is capable of acting as an efficient win-condition in slower decks, but she can also add late-game inevitability to midrange builds!

The Cross Rare (“XR”) Robin – Carrie Kelley is one of the most versatile effects in the game, and she has wide reaching applications in a variety of Rainbow builds. When paired with her main man Bats, consider the control implications with Batman – Caped Crusader – or go aggro with The Dark Knight!

This card allows for multiple uses of “when played” effects, with an immediate payoff from the discard pile and the shuffled Character to draw and play at a later stage. Again, effects that allow you to shuffle your deck have extremely positive interactions with the Bat Family!

Theatricality is another Bat Family card with a great deal of utility, as it can be used to clear your own dead cards or chip away at the opponent. With proper setup, you’ll also be able to bounce any Character!

This is another draw effect that requires a heavy Bat Family lineup, and much like Nightwing it can slide into any archetype.

This is just a small sample of the Bat Family’s endless possibilities – be sure to check out other Bat Family Characters like Batman – Prepared, Terry McGinnis, and more to come! We’ll be back on Friday with a spotlight on the Rogues Gallery, and you can find additional spoilers here:


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